20. Konferenz des Europäischen Shin-Buddhismus 2020


Postponement of the 20th European Shin Conference

Dear Dharma friends,

The unprecedented and unpredictable spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has brought about a quickly deteriorating situation throughout the world. As you are well aware, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the COVID-19 pandemic is “accelerating”. There are now more than 800,000 cases recorded worldwide, in nearly every country, and the number of infected and deaths are growing by the hour.

Under these present circumstances and based on the information provided by the WHO and other health institutions, the International Association of Buddhist Culture (IABC), Anjin-Do and EKO-House of Japanese Culture have concluded that the 20th European Shin Conference in Dusseldorf must be rescheduled to 2021 or 2022, to safeguard the health of the attendees and every one involved in this conference.

Once the new date of the meeting is set, we will inform you of the new details by invitation letter and on this website: https://www.eko-gemeinschaft.eu/en/

We apologize for any inconvenience this postponement may cause, but we hope you will understand our decision considering the exceptionality of this very serious pandemic. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and understanding during these difficult times.

For further information please refer to our website: https://www.eko-gemeinschaft.eu/en/ or you may send an e-mail to Rev. Shoju at bdk@eko-haus.de.

In the meantime, may you, your loved ones and associates take every precaution to remain safe and healthy! 
We look forward to seeing you in Dusseldorf in 2021 or 2022!

Sincerely, with Gassho

Prof. Hisao Matsumaru, Director
EKŌ House of Japanese Culture


The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is rapidly evolving with the number of infections substantially increasing in numerous countries worldwide.  This has led to further restrictions regarding the hosting of events and conferences by many governments and health authorities.
We will continue to carefully monitor the situation and take the necessary precautions as recommended by healthcare providers and public health organizations to safeguard the health and safety of our conference attendees. Our conference website (https://www.eko-gemeinschaft.eu/en/) will be updated to reflect the current status of conference. Currently, we plan to continue with our conference this summer. If the 20th European Shin Conference is cancelled, conference registrants and invitees will be immediately notified with relevant details. We will make a final decision by May 15th if the conference will proceed as planned.
In the meantime, may you, your loved ones and associates take every precaution to remain safe and healthy.

“Die Shin-buddhistische Praxis und das Mitgefühl” (in englischer Sprache!)
Di 25.8.-Fr 28.8.2020

Konferenzgebühr: 50€ für alles oder 15€ pro Tag
* Bitte zahlen Sie die Teilnahmegebühr in bar an der Rezeption des EKO-Hauses.

Anmeldungen sind nun möglich. Bitte richten Sie alle Anfragen bzgl. der Organisation bzgl. der Organisation und Ihre Anmeldungen an das EKO-Haus und nicht an Anjin-Do bzw. Rev. Kobs!

Alle zwei Jahre findet das große internationale Treffen der Shin-Buddhisten an einem Ort in Europa statt, wozu die International Association for Buddhist Culture (IABC) und die International Association for Shin Buddhist Studies (IASBS) gemeinsam einladen. Es ist verbunden mit Vorträgen, Diskussionen, gemeinsamen Essen, einem Ausflug in die nähere Umgebung, und nicht zuletzt besteht die Möglichkeit, die Kikyoshiki (Shin-buddhistische “Konfirmation”) durch den Zenmon-sama (das ehemalige Oberhaupt der Jodo Shinshu Honganji-ha) zu erhalten. Das Anmeldeformular und nähere Informationen, darunter auch Informationen zur Kikyoshiki, finden Sie im Menüpunkt “ESC 2020“.


1st DayTuesday 25th August
09:20Opening Service
09:35Welcome SpeechRev. Hisao Matsumaru (EKO)
09:45Opening RemarksZenmon sama
10:00Keynote Speech(1)Rev. David Matsumoto
10:45-11:05Break20 min.
 Presentation IASBS(1)
11:05-11:45IASBS-140 min.
11:45-12:25IASBS-240 min.
12:25-13:20Lunch55 min.
 Presentation ESC(1)
13:20-13:40ESC-120 min.
13:40-14:00ESC-220 min.
14:20-14:45Break25 min.
14:45-15:05ESC-420 min.
15:05-15:25ESC-520 min.
15:25-15:45ESC-620 min.
15:45-16:10Break25 min.
16:10-16:30ESC-720 min.
16:30-16:50ESC-820 min.
16:50-17:10ESC-920 min.
17:10-17:25Break15 min.
17:25-18:15European Sangha Meeting
19:00Dinner by IABC 
2nd DayWednesday
26th August
09:00-9:10Morning service 
9:10-MessageRev.Mitsuya Dake (IABS)
9:20-MessageRev.Esho Sasaki (IABC)
9:30-10:15Keynote Speech(2)Rev.David Matsumoto
 Presentation ESC(2) 
 Presentation IASBS(2) 
14:40-15:50Chanting Workshopguided by a minister of
Hongwanji Shikimu Dep.
16:15-16:45Preparation for
Participants of the Kikyoshiki
are introduced into the ceremony.
16:45-17:15Shoshinge Chanting 
19:00Dinner by Hongwanji 
3rd DayThursday 27th August
Bus Tour to Anjin-Do & Excursion to
Museum Island, Hombroich/Rocket Station
09:30Departure from EKO-Haus
 Group I
 Group II
16:30Arrival to EKO-Haus
4th DayFriday 28th August
09:00-10:00“Shurai (Rehearsal)”
for ESC 20th
Anniversary Service
Guided by a minister of
Hongwanji Shikimu Dep.
Participants: ministers
who chant in Naijin at
this Service
10:30-10:40Morning service 
10:40-10:45MessageRev. Frank Kobs (Anjin-do)
 Presentation IASBS&ESC(3) 
13:00-13:15Meeting for Next ESC
13:20-14:50Special LectureRev. Tomoyasu Naito
14:50-15:40Preparation for Service
15:40-16:25ESC 20th Anivversary ServiceDōshi: a minister of
Hongwanji Shikimu Dep.
16:25-16:45Dharma Talk & “Gobunsho”Someone in European
16:45Closing RemarksRev. Hisao Matsumaru