Hōonkō Service and Seminar

Fr. Nov 25- Su Nov 26, 2023, EKŌ House and via Zoom
Theme: “The Three Pillars of Jōdo Shinshū Tradition”
(1) Primal Vow of Other Power (2) The Evil Persons are the right object of Amida’s salvation and (3) Birth in the Pure Land
Speakers: Prof. Emeritus Dr. Gerhard Marcel Martin, Rev. Dr. Louella Matsunaga, Rev. Prof. Enrique Galvan-Alvarez, Dr. Ken Mullen

Provisional Timetable: Download here

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Participation fee: 15€, Online participation free **

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Part I: Friday 24th November 02:00 PM (CET = Düsseldorf Time)

Prof. Gerhard Marcel Martin: “Love / Hate / Compassion
One chapter of Existential and Comparative Theology in an interreligious Dialogue with Jodo Shinshu (Sutra on Contemplation of Amitayus / Tan-ni-sho)”

On the base of my theological and religious studies I will deal with the essential dynamics of Love, hate and compassion. I will also deal  with Compassion as a spiritual and social practise in Eastern and Western traditions. I will add a report on a “Sutradrama” (held at Otani-University, Kyoto) as a holistic and interactive approach to religious texts.

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[Part II] Saturday 25th November 09:00 AM (CET = Düsseldorf Time)

Rev. Dr. Matsunaga & Rev. Prof. Galvan-Alvarez: “A New Translation of Shinran’s Jodo Wasan (Hymns on Pure Land)”

We will explore the theme of 他力の本願 through our translation work on 浄土和讃, the first collection of 和讃 (poem-songs) written by Shinran Shōnin. In exploring the issue of self-power and Other Power (自力と他力) we reflect on how Amida Tathagāta is presented in the 浄土和讃, paying particular attention to the role of the senses as skilful means and to the issue of personification.

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Hōonkō Service / 報恩講法要 Nov 25, 2023 02:00 PM (CET = Düsseldorf Time)

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General Meeting of EKŌ Association of European Shin Buddhists 【Election of a new board and discussion: how we can support the development of Jōdo Shinshū in Europe?】

Nov 25, 2023 04:00 PM (CET = Düsseldorf Time) Members have received the Zoom link with the invitation e-mail.

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[Part III] Sunday 26th November 09:00 AM (CET = Düsseldorf Time)

Dr. Ken Mullen: Ôjō Jōdō: A Phenomenological Analysis of Shan-tao’s Hanjusan

This presentation first outlines Shan-tao’s ‘Hymns Praising Pure Land Birth by explaining the method and practice of the Pratyutpanna Samādhi Sutra. It then goes on to provide a phenomenological analysis of such Pure Land contemplative practices touching on C.G.Jung’s comments on the Contemplation Sutra.

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