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General Assembly of the EKO Association of European Shin Buddhists

Saturday, Dec 11th, 11:00 a.m. (Central European Time)

This time we will decide some smaller changes in the Statues which will enable us to hold general assemblies online (even if the current corona legislation will expire), to invite via website (and not only by snail mail) and so on.

  1. Abolishment of the very inflexible prescriptions how a meeting of the board has to be done (§8, 9-11)
  2. It shall be possible to hold General Assemblies online
  3. The invitation to the General assembly can be send per e-mail or published at the website of the Association.
  4. The resignation from the association can by declared in text form (by e-mail or letter). It should be not obligatory to send a registered letter anymore.

If you have further proposals for the new statutes let us know them until Nov 30th.

We would appreciate it very much if you could participate at this Zoom meeting, but please keep in mind that only members are allowed to participate in the assembly session and members have already received a postal invitation. You can only participate if you have registered as a member prior to the assembly. In case of questions please write an e-mail to nottelmann[at]

Please download the following material (pdf):

  1. Agenda
  2. The Old (=Present) Statue (English/German)
  3. The Changes planned

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Everybody who shares the goals of the association can become member of the association. A formal membership in the Jōdo Shinshu (expressed eg. by the receiving of a nyūmonshiki or kikyōshiki) is not required.

The annual membership fee is 20 €. Ordained people are exempted from the fee (because the have ususally high expenses for the maintenance of their dharma center) The amount is payable to the following account:

EKŌ Gemeinschaft der Europäischen Shin-Buddhisten e.V.
Deutsche Bank
IBAN: DE57300700240645337700

Purpose: “Membership fee”

To enter the association please fill in and sign the following application form, and send it to the address mentioned inside:

Application form

The board decides about the membership.

Members of the Buddhist Association Jōdo Shinshū in Germany (BGJ-D are usually at the same time members of the EKŌ Assocation, if they checked the corresponding field in their membership bid. Who feels not vertain about it, may contact Rev. Kobs or Rev. Nottelmann.