European Shin Conference 2020

20th European Shin Buddhist Conference 2020・
International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies 17th European Block Conference

Theme “Compassion and Practice in Shin Buddhism”
Tu 25th August – Fr. 28 th August, 2020
Conference fee: 50€ full conference pass, or 15€ per day
*Please pay the enrollment fee by cash at the reception of EKO House.

held in conjunction with the 17th IASBS European Branch Conference


Actual planning of the confence (Jan. 2020 ):


For the application please fill in the application form and sent it back to the EKO house as e-mail attechment or via mail:

For the application to the Kikyo-shiki please add the names of two Shin Buddhist ministers who recommend you. The fee for the Kikyo-shiki is only the half of the usual fee, i.e. 50 €, since IABC contributes the other 50 €.
*Please pay the fee for Kikyo-shiki by cash at the reception of EKO House.

The closing date for submitting this application is JUNE 1 st in 2020.

EKO-Haus der Japanischen Kultur
Brüggener Weg 6
40547 Düsseldorf GERMANY
TEL: +49-(0)211-577918-213
FAX: +49-(0)211-577918-219

Please direct all inquiries on organisation and the application to the EKO House and not to Anjin-Do or Rev. Kobs!

Presentations (1st,2nd and 4th Day)

The presentations of the IASBS are 40 minutes, the of the IABC are 20 minutes long (including the time for discussions). If you want to hold a presentation at the conference, please fill in the title of your presentation and a short summary into the enrolement form and sent it until 1st June to the above mentioned e-mail or mail adress. The closing date for sending the complete paper is July 31, 2020.

Speech and Lecture (1st,2nd and 4th Day)

【Keynote Speech】Theme “Compassion and Practice in Jodo Shinshu”
Rev.David Matsumoto (President of Institute of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley, USA)
-Tuesday,August 25 (10:00-10:45)
-Wednesday, August 26 (9:30-10:15)
*only in English

【Special Lecture】Theme “Shinran’s Thought Regarding Birth in the Pure Land”
Rev.Tomoyasu Naito (Kangaku, Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha)
-Friday, August 28 (13:20-14:50)
*in Japanese with English interpretation

Excursion (3rd Day)

At the third day we are planning a bus tour to the dharma center Anjin-Do in Mönchengladbach. On the way we want to make a stop at a local sight:
Auf dem Weg wollen wir eine lokale Sehenswürdigkeit besuchen: the Rocket Station (Langen Foundation) and the Museum Island Hombroich. The Rocket Station (Langen Foundation) was an American military base for nuclear missiles, which after the cold war was converted into a museum areal. The Japanese architect Tadao Ando created here a spectacular museum building. Not far away, there is the Museum Island Hombroich, where a modern museum complex is artfully incorporated into a Lower-Rhenish natural landscape.

Rocket Station (Langen Foundation)
Museumsinsel Hombroich

The program of the above-mentioned Langen Foundation and the Museum Island Hombroich for August 2020 is not yet available. We will inform you about it as soon as possible.

European Shin Conference 20th Anniversary Service

-Friday, August 28 (9:00-10:00)
-the same day (15:40-16:45)

Whoever wants to participate in ESC 20th Anniversary Service in Naijin, must take “Shurai(Rehearsal)” which will be guided by a minister of Hongwanji Shikimu Department and must bring Kokue(黒衣), Hakue(白衣), Juban(襦袢),  Tabi(足袋), Gojo-Gesa(五条袈裟), Chukei(中啓), Futawa-Nenju(双輪念珠) and Setta(雪駄).


We recommend two hotels close to the EKO House which are for a long time our partners. While booking, please mention your participation in the European Shin Buddhist Conference!

Hotel Arosa

Hotel Hanseat


Public transport

EKŌ-Haus der Japanischen Kultur e.V.
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? 0211-577918-219

Subway Lines U70, U74, U75, U76, U77 to Belsenplatz, go on by bus 834, 836, 828 to Niederkasseler Kirchweg